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ZenQ Interview Experiences

Shubhasri Manikya - RGUKT - Posted on - 2016-02-02 05:51:30

  • Interview Experience:

    ZenQ company pattern for placement consist of 4 rounds
    1 Written test
    2 Techinical Round
    3 HR Round
    4 CEO Round

    Writtentest consist of 8 aptitude,4 verbal, 8 C-aptitude questions and followed by one essay.


    1>Tell me about yourself
    2>Tell me about your intern
    3>What is OS?
    4>Explain DeadLock with an example?
    5>What is mean by virtual memory?
    6>Write a program to swap the 2 numbers without using third variable?
    7>Expalin Commands in DBMS
    8>Explain stored memory concept in DBMS
    9>what are the features first you check in mobile phone?

    HR Round:

    1>Tell me about yourself
    2>Tell me about your family background
    3>Are you interested to work with us

    CEO Round:

    1>Tell me something about Bios?
    2>Functions of operating system
    3>what is kernel
    4>Tell me about address space
    6>Latest Technologies

    I answered maximum all the questions, Whatever you know tell to him confidently without any fear. Now I got the job.
    All the best friends...!!

Renuka Madari - RGUKT - Posted on - 2016-01-27 08:24:41

  • Interview Experience:

    ZenQ is a software testing company.In this we have 5 rounds they are written test,essay writing,technical round,HR and C.E.O round.

    1)Written test contains 3 sections those are quant(8 questions),reasoning(4 questions),C technical(8 questions).
    2)For essay writing they had given topic of what are the challenges and changes you made in your life and how that challenge is used to build up your career?
    3)In technical round the interviewer asked
        a)Introduce your self?
        b)What are the properties of java?
        c)what is encapsulation?
        d)why we call java as oops?
        e)what is stack and queue?what are the differences between stack and queue?
        f)what are the real life examples of stack and queue?
        g)how can you test the software?
    I answered all the questions then the interviewer asked being an ECE student how you know all these things.For that I smiled and came out.After 5 mins they announced the result.Luckily I went to HR.
    4)HR round is very simple for me.He asked
        a)Introduce your self?
        b)Tell about your family background?
        c)have you attended any interview before?
        d)what were the mistakes you did in previous interviews?
    I answered all fluently and came out.
    5)In C.E.O round C.E.O came and asked
        a)your an ECE student,why you are coming to software field?
        b)what do you know about the computer?
        c)what is mother board?
        d)what are the testing models you know in software testing?
        e)what is the difference between syntax and semantic error?
    In all the rounds I answered questions with smile without any fear.So make sure that what ever you would like to say just speak with smile so that interviewer feels that she is not nervous and she is confident about what she is speaking.


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