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WIPRO Interview Experiences

Renuka Bhutham - RGUKT - Posted on - 2016-02-13 06:00:58

  • Interview Experience:

    I placed in Wipro there are 4 rounds
    1.Group Discussion
    2.Written test
    3.Technical Interview
    4.HR interview

    1.Group Discussion:

        They are conducted Gd for some people and jam for other people. For me jam session topic given to me is "Tiger Preservation". I spoked confidently and I promoted to next round.

    2.Written Test:

        In this we have 5 sessions     i)   Verbal
                           ii)  Quantitative Aptitude
                           iii) Reasoning
                        iv)  Technical
                        v)   Essay writing
         There is sectional cut off and no elimination in Essay writing. In verbal  session we have antonyms,synonyms, reading comprehension, articles, sentence correction. In aptitude session basics of time and work, profit and loss, simple intrest, compound intrest etc. In reasoning session clocks,Blood Realations,calender problems,coding and decoding.In techinal session Questions from c, java,c++,operating systems,dbms.In Essay writing abstract topic given to us we need to write about that.

    3.Technical Round:

    I was cleared written test and I called for TR round
    I entered into the room there is lady interviewer I wished her with smile. she asked me
        1.Tell about yourself?
        2.About my family?
        3.Tell about your project?
        4.About RF basics?
        5.Basic quentions regarding Ece?
        6.Basic about C?
        7.Have you done any projects on programming languages?
        8.Tell about your paper presentation?
        9.Tell about your Extra curicular activities?
    I explained my project with block diagram confidently. My project based on microwaves so she asked basics about that.

    4.HR interview:

        1.Tell about your self?
        2.Tell about your family background?
        3.Can you work under pressure with an example?
        4.Define quality with an example?
        5.Tell about Your strengths with an example?
        6.Can you reloacate anywhere?
        7.Can you work in night shifts?
        8. Why are you coming to Wipro why not other companies?
        9.Are you emotional?
        10. If any project is given to u will u do that after your working hour?
    HR was very friendly I answered all the questions with smile on my face and he impressed with my examples.
    after 3 days results are announced I am very have my name is there.
    Smile and confident plays major role in your interview.

     ALL THE BEST...!!

K.Spandana - RGUKT - Posted on - 2016-01-27 08:35:23

  • Interview Experience:

    ->Wipro preplacement talk happened very interestingly.It was a nice ppt talk.
    ->In Wipro

     a)First round-Group discussion:

    But because of lack of time they have conducted Jam section.They have given a topic and they asked us to speak for few minutes about that topic.

     b)Second Round-Written Test:

    Written Test contain 4 sections 1.Aptitude,2.Reasoning,3.Verbal,4.Programming,One essay is also there.
    Written test is having both negative marking and sectional cutoff.Written test is easy.Focus more on Verbal and essay.I have cleared the written test easily.

    c)Third Round-Technical Round:

    There is one interviewer in interview room.He is very simple and pleasant.He asked questions like
            1)Tell me about yourself?
            2)Explain about internship project?
            3)Write a java Program?
            4)whwt is your favourite subject and related questions?
            5)Maximum questions are from my resume only.

     d)Fourth Round-HR Round:

    HR is very jovial person.In this round i have under gone patience test for one hour.After that he asked questions like
            1)Tell me about yourself?
            2)Where will you see after 5 years?
            3)What is your long term goal?
            4)Are you willing to do night shifts?
            5)Are you willing to relocate?
    ->I answered all the questions confidently.They announced the results after 3 days and my name is in the selected candidates list.


    Prepare AMCAT papers.More concentrate on Verbal and essay.

Pavani Banoth - RGUKT - Posted on - 2016-01-27 08:21:37

  • Interview Experience:

    Here I am writing my interview experience of wipro.This recruitment process has 4 rounds.Those are GD,Online written test,Technical round and HR round.

    *Firstly the recruitment team has conducted GD or jam that is based on the team who came to recruit us.For me that was a jam session on the topic of education system in india and what are the changes you do in education system to make it better? In this conversation he didnot focused on language he just focused on matter and how confidently we are speaking.

    *For Online written test there is a sectional cut off with 4 sections.They are Verbal,Quant,Technical and Essay writing.

    *In Technical round when I entered into the room the interviewer asked me to sit.I given my file with resume.Then the Interviewer started asking questions like tell me about your self? I ended saying myself by intern project, so that he could ask questions from there.He asked me to explain my intern as I expected.I explained it which is related to embedded system.He asked me some questions from that.While I was explaining they checked my resume and marks sheets as well.As I am an ECE student he asked me why you are jumping to software company?They observed the gradual decrease in the percentage in my graduation.After that they asked me to write reverse of a string without using string predefined functions and asked me to say about polymorphism,about method overloading and method overriding?what is compile time and run time polymorphism?about virtual function? At last he asked me do you want to ask anything regarding company.I asked two questions regarding company to which they explained about company. with this my technical round completed.

    *Coming to my HR, when i entered into my room he asked my resume saying me to sit.He asked me to tell about myself something and about my family.After that asked me the kind of books I like as i wrote reading is my hobby in my resume,my goal,what will i do if i wont achieve my goal,about the essay topic I had given in written test.By that my HR interview was over.

    *With my experience I could say that they focus on our basics, how well we can analyse things and our confidence.

                 *My suggestion is be positive, find positive even from the worst case and be confident.     


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