Interview Experiences

TCS Interview Experiences

Ishwarya - RGUKT BASAR - Posted on - 2016-03-27 01:24:44

  • Interview Experience:

    Hi friends, I have attempted the TCS off campus drive. It is very glad to share my experience with you.


    TCS Company has conducted these rounds

    1) Written Test

    2) Technical + Managerial Interview

    3) HR Interview


    1) Written Test:


    Section 1 -  Email writing, Duration: 10 minutes.

     The email writing section consists of set of keywords which we have to use in the description while writing, they will also mention the names of sender and receiver of the email conversation. We have to use all the keywords in any order to frame sentences, follow the format of standard email while writing and there is a minimum word limit like 50 words to describe within 10 minutes of duration. I finished the email writing by using 74 words with in the time limit.


    Section 2 - Aptitude Test, Duration: 80 minutes.

    Consists of total 30 Aptitude questions for that we can refer RS Agarwal and the difficulty level is some how tricky, by the practice we can easily solve them. There is a 1/3 negative marking for each wrong question. I solved only 21 questions, I didn't choose the answer for the questions which I have doubt.


    After two days I got a mail from TCS careers, that I cleared written test and selected for further interview rounds.


    2) Technical + Managerial Interview:


                In the Interview panel there are two members, they are very active and listened each word which I tell. And they observed my way of expressing and how I am communicating with them throughout the interview. Total TR+MR were taken around 45 minutes, and it goes like this.


     1) Tell me about yourself?

    I explained with smile and confidence, because I know that first impression is the best impression, so just I followed that formula.  And, I covered my educational background and projets which I have done.


    2) Why there is a less percentage in intermediate compare to 10th and B.Tech?

    I said that in 10th class just we mug up the answers where as in intermediate we have understand the concepts and it is in English medium, as a student of telugu medium background its somewhat difficulty to cover those subjects that’s why I suffered. But coming to I overcome all the problems which I faced.


    3) What is your Rank in class?

                I said I am a first class student, because we never differentiate the persons with ranks, but the interviewers didn’t accept and again raised a question of exact rank. I said below 12th rank in class, then they agreed and moved to next question.


    4) What is your Internship Project?

                I explained about our project Website Publishing System, interviewer asked some doubts regarding project and I explained clearly.


    5) What is your Major Project?


                I said is my major project, interviewer raised many questions regarding that. It takes nearly 20 minutes discussion and I cleared their all doubts. But I can say, they were really impressed with this site, because it is an on going project and it will show the practical knowledge which we gain. This site helped me a lot as a major project, because it gave me a priority if I compare with my other competitors, and also helped me for technical preparation by referring C and Java programs and for interview preparation.


    6) Is your project contains which type of architecture?

                I said 3-tier architecture, they asked how? I justified my answer and they satisfied with my answer.


    7) What is primary key and Foreign key, have you used in your project?

                My answer is yes we have used primary key and foreign key and explained them with an example, and asked me to join two tables and some queries in DBMS.


    8) What are J2SE, J2EE?

                J2SE stands for Standard Edition all core concepts and oops concepts come under this part, J2EE stands for Enterprise Edition related to advanced concepts like JDBC, Servlets and etc..,



    After completion of TR+MR, they shortlisted the students who have HR interview next day. I was the one person among the selected candidates for HR.



     3) HR Interview:


      It takes only 5 minutes, because it was already late that’s why they finished it early. The interviewer asked me the questions are:


     1) What are the leadership qualities?

    I said managerial skills, how means the leader should have the capability to communicate with the different mind sets of people for that he has to manage with them. And he has to manage with the time, because based on the situations his behavior should be spontaneous.


    2) What is your greatest weakness and justify?

    I said, I can’t feel comfortable until my work has finished. For example if I have any exam I can’t go sleep I may do night outs, I may skip my food to save the time, and I’ll avoid all unnecessary things, until I finish the exam successfully. It is ok but it may causes to some other problems.


    3) Whom do you like most and why?

                I love my mother a lot, there is no equivalent words to describe her. I will share everything with her. In my opinion she is everything for me.


    4) Do you have any questions?

                I asked which skills should I improve. She said everything ok, but if concentrate more on communication skills it is very beneficial for you.


    She smiled, and asked me to leave.


    I this way I faced my interview.

    After 1 week they declared final result. I got mail from TCS career that, I got an offer letter with designation of Assistant System Engineer in TCS.


A. Saritha - RGUKT Basar - Posted on - 2016-02-10 10:24:07

  • Interview Experience:

    Hi, My name is Saritha.Avunuri,

    I got placed with TCS(Tata Consultancy Services) which is one of the MNCs in India. And I am very lucky to share my interview experience.

    written test:

        I have prepared campusgate papers and R.S.Agarwal. Which made me to crack the TCS written test.

    Technical Round:

        It was very nice. Two panel members are there for this round. First they have asked me to introduce myself and also about my internship project. I have explained it very clearly. And they have asked me some questions from c-language like types of variables, features of oop,code for a pattern etc. I explained them very confidently.
    and My suggestion for you is to be perfect with your project, coding,any of your core subjects and a good self introduction.

    HR & MR Round:

         MR asked me to introduce myself, internship project and has given a situation. Even though he din't show any expressions to make me feel tense, I explained very enthusiastically. HR asked me some simple questions like will you work in late nights?, will you break the bond?. I have given answers very clearly.
    Whatever you said is to be confident even if it is a lie. So its our duty to make the interviewer to feel intelligent about us.

Saisindhu Bejjanki - RGUKT - Posted on - 2016-02-02 05:02:30

  • Interview Experience:

    Technical Round:

        After I cleared my written test, I had gone through the technical round. There were two interviewers infront of me. After I have entered I wished them, then they asked me to be seated. There by my 1st question started.
        1)Tell me about yourself?
        A)Good Morning Sir..(While wishing I had covered both of them). My name is Saisindhu....
        2)What are the areas you most liked in CSE core subjects?
        A)I answered as DBMS, OS, COA.
        3)They asked me some questions like scheduling algorithms, Biladies anamoly, Thrashing. Then some questions in DBMS like left outer join, self join. I explained all with examples.
        4)They asked me to explain my internship project.
        5)They came to my resume and asked questions regarding resume like how can you convert html to css and some questions on css.
        6)Then they asked me to tell latest android technologies?
        7)They asked me about assurance(The technology).
        8)What are the technologies you are following?
        A)I explained cloud computing, Bigdata, Some wireless technologies.

    MR Round:

        1)Tell me about yourself?
        2)Explain your project?
        3)What do you do in your free time?
        4)Java Oops concepts with realworld examples.
        5)About one of my achievements that I reasearched and surveyed on a plant he asked all that.
        6)In  my resume I mentioned that reading books is one of my hobby. He asked what kind of books?
        7)What will you do if I post you in a foreign?
        8)He asked a situation that:
            You are the team leader and all the members of your team are not working well, you dont know with what they are suffering. So what will you do them?
        9)You are a girl and how could you manage your marriage life and family if you have to go and work in foreign?
        10)Some DBMA questions
        11)why do you prefer TCS?
        12)What do you know about TCS and its world wide working proficiency?
        13)where do you find you in next five years?   
        14)Are you a team player or team leader?

    HR Round:

        1)Tell me about yourself?
        2)Why TCS?
        3)What is more important money or work satisfaction?
        4)How long you are expecting to be in TCS?
        5)Do you have any location commitments or can you work anywhere?
        6)What do you know about TCS?   


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