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Osmosys Interview Experiences

Ishwarya - RGUKT Basar - Posted on - 2016-03-17 08:59:39

  • Interview Experience:

    Hi friends, I have attempted the Osmosys Company drive which is held in my college.

    Osmosys Company has conducted these rounds

    1) Written Test

    2) Group Discussion

    3) Story Writing, Flow Chart

    5) Interview

    1) Written Test:

    Round 1 - Online exam, Duration: 30 minutes, Elimination Round

    consists of Basic Mathematics, Basic English, IT Basics

    Round 2 - Online Exam, Duration: 60 minutes, Elimination Round

    Consists of Advanced Mathematics, Advanced English, Technical Exam(C Language / PHP / .NET / Java)

    I have cleared those rounds and selected for further rounds.

    2) Group Discussion:

    They have given a topic called "What are the consequences if we merge india and pakistan" for the group of 7 members in GD. I intiated the topic, and I gave the brief introdution about topic and I said few points, again I have taken the another chance and added some more points to it after the one turn of each member is completed in GD. The moderator(means who evaluate the performance of every participant, announce the topic and time) was observed individual performance along with body language, way of expressing, fluency in speaking and etc..,

    They have given the marks based on our performance. I really satisfied with my performance because, I have practiced in mock GD's before attending this, for that reason I cleared this round easily.

    3) Story Writing:

    They have given some english words by using that words we have to narrate a story, among those words I don't know the meaning of two words but we have to use all the words, I left those words and wrote by using remaining words. Even we can't relate those words each other because they have given that type of words(for example: the words I got, giraffe, plumber, train, gorgeous, etc..,). I imagined a story and applied the ideas to it whatever I have.

    Flow Chart:

    They have given a question and asked us to write algorithm as well as draw a flow chart on paper, for that we have to solve that question and find the answer for it. To that question solving steps we to implement an algorithm and draw the flow chat with our basic knowledge. It is somehow tricky, but I solved with my common sense.

    4) Interview (Techincal and HR):

    In my interview they asked me the questions are:

    1) Tell me about youself?

    I explained with smile and confidence, because I know that first impression is the best impression, so just I followed that formula. And, I covered my educatinal background and projets which I have done in my introduction.

    2) Tell me about your family back ground?

    I explained the profession of my father and mother, and educational qualification of my siblings.

    3) What is your intern Project?

    I explained about the project whatever we did, interviewer asked some doubts regarding project and I explained clearly.

    4) What is your major project?

    I said is my major project, interviewer raised many questions regarding that and I cleared their doubts. But I can say, they were really impressed with this grab site, because it is going on project and it will show the practical knowledge which we gain. And grab site helped me a lot as a major project, because it gave me a priority if I compare with my other competitors.

    5) Write algorithms for given problems?

    I wrote algoriths which I know, for that I prepared some programs of C and Java which are present in our grab site, and I referred some technical questions in that site. Grab site helped in another perspective also that is for my technical preparation, because we designed that site in the point of student's preparation and job seekers like me.

    6)How many hours you work daily?

    I said 8-9 hours.

    7) Do you work under pressure?

    I said yes.

    8) What will you do in your free time?

    I said playing chess, reading books, or talking with my loved ones or chit chatting with my friends.

    9) Do you have interest on higher studies?

    I said no, interviewer asked why no, I said because of my financial problems in my family I have to do a job, then there is no choice of higher studies.

    10) What are your strengths?

    I said persistence and positive attitude, they asked me to justify I explained them with an example.

    This way I faced my interview.

    After two days they declared final result. In that list, I was the one person who selected for the Osmosys company as an Associate software engineer.


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