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INFOSYS Interview Experiences

BALEM DURGA VARALAXMI - RGUKT - Posted on - 2016-04-22 11:08:15

  • Interview Experience:

    Hello friends this is Varalaxmi from RGUKT IIIT Basar, Infosys conducted a campus recruitment process at our college on 8th march 2016. First they started giving pre placement talk at around 11:30 AM. Actually they supposed to start this pre placement talk at 9:00AM but due to some problems it delayed upto 11:30. After that  written test process was started around 1:30 PM and this process was finished on that day and it was done in a well organized manner. There were around 200 students who wrote the aptitude test.
    In the test initially we have given an application form in which we have to fill up our details  .After that exam started. There are three sections :
    2.Verbal Ability
    First reasoning exam was there in which there are 30 questions which are to be done in 40 minutes. There were 5 questions on
    syllogism, 1 puzzle, questions based on a paragraph, 5 questions on diagrammatic series etc,etc.
    Then verbal exam was given in which there are 40 questions which is to be answered in 35minutes only. There were questions on
    sentence correction, grammar, inference from paragraph, 2 long comprehension.TIME MANAGEMENT is most important in this
    For preparation of the wriitten just follow VERBAL & NON-VERBAL by RS AGGARWAL and Barrons 17th edition is nice for english.
    Written Test results were announced on next day for us. Out of 200 around 26 students got through the written test. In that 6 from CSE,4 from ECE,16 from Mechanical. After that we have Interviews on 22nd march at Hyderabad Infosys campus.
    We have only one round after the written test that is of TR+HR and that is the final round.
    In this round they simply ask two or three questions of technical but they are looking at good communication skills, confidence and personality. My HR was very cool. So i didn't get tensed.

    HR Interview:

    Me:Good Afternoon sir
    HR:Good Afternoon.sit down.
    Me:Thank you sir.
    HR:So you are Durga Varalaxmi.
    Me:Yes sir.
    HR:Tell me about Yourself,about Your Family Background,About experience in your college,and what are your favourite subjects.He asked all the questions at a time and asked me to explain in brief.
    HR:As I ended my answer with favourite subjects he asked the questions from my favourite subjects.What is Encapsulation?
    HR:What is the difference between RDBMS and DBMS?
    HR:What is the Difference between primary key and unique key?
    HR:Explain about your Major Project?
    HR:Do you have any questions to ask me?
    Me:On which basis you will measure the performance of an employee?
    HR:Based on the Individual talent and completion of their work within given time.
    HR:Do you have any other?
    Me:NO sir.
    HR:Finally he said have a nice day.
    Me:Thank you sir.
    My Interview was held around 10 to 12 min. As it was a good experience so I was about 90% confident....
    After that next day we got results.Out of 26 15 members got selected. I am the one of 15. Finally I am an Infosian.
    It was a great moment. So friends Don't loose hope. If your rejected by an company also so many good companies are waiting for you. Well what I can say is you should be fully aware of  what you have written in your CV and last but not least and very Important thing is the CONFIDENCE(It's Very Important) in your self.

                       ALL THE BEST FRIENDS...!!

krishnaveni - RGUKT-BASAR - Posted on - 2016-04-22 10:28:53

  • Interview Experience:

    Hello upcoming infosician,
    I am krishnaveni, CSE branch
    Infosys seletion procedure consists of 2 rounds
    i) written test
    ii) technical &HR round
     written test includes both aptitude and english. I want to stress on interview part. In every infosys HR and TR tell me about yourself and tell me about your intern project are the default questions be prepared with these two. And HR asked me to write a program to print 1-100 prime numbers I wrote in two ways. When TR or HR ask you to write a program write a code whatever you got in your mind thenafter you can optimize it. Be yourself in the HR don't try to distract them they have seen a number of people like you. Asked about aggregate functions in DBMS. baic questions on JAVA. Before going to the interview be calm tell yourself that "I am going to do my best" . DON'T BE LATE FOR THE INTERVIEW IF YOU ARE LATE DO NOT BE TENSED. SEE YOU IN INFOSYS FAMILY. BE COOL :-)




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