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Capgemini Interview Experiences

K KAVITHA - RGUKT BASAR - Posted on - 2016-01-30 11:02:43

  • Interview Experience:

    Capgemini drive involved in 3 stages.

    1.Written test

    2.Group Discussion(Topic:Women in IT Sector)


    Interviewer:Introduce your self ?


    Interviewer:Explain about your Internship project?

    Me:Explained briefly.

    Interviewer:Can you write the any servlet program which is there in your project ?

    Me:I have written the program partially ,but I explained the code clearly whatever I have written on the paper.

    Interviewer:What is data structure ?

    Me:Told the Definition.

    Interviewer:What are the different kind of data structures ?

    Me:Told the Linear & Non-Linear data structures and their definitions.

    Interviewer:Can you write the program for any Linear data structure ?

    Me:I have written the program for Linked list.

    Interviewer:Which is your favourite subject ?

    Me:Told the subject name.

    Interviewer:What you have learned in that subject ?


    Interviewer:In which area you are interested ?

    Me:Told as Application development and Research.

    Interviewer:If I allot you in another area which you don't have any idea about that area .What will you do..?

    Me:I told.. Sir It is a big platform to start my career,If you allot me in new area ,Then It is good opportunity for me to learn about the new Things.I'll try to learn from my friends or seniors who are aware of that area and I'll refer books and search in Internet.

    .......Then he taken Marks sheet looked at the subjects..

    Interviewer:What you have done in COA lab ?

    Me:I have done (middle level)Assembly language programs.

    Interviewer:Can you write any program from that ?

    Me:written and Explained the program for addition of two numbers.

    Interviewer:What are the different kinds of software testings & explain them?


    Interviewer:What you have learned in AGT(Applied Graph Theory) subject ?

    Me:BFS,DFS,Graphs etc..

    Interviewer:Can you explain them briefly ?


    Interviewer:Do you think that you have done well in your Interview ?

    Me:I think I am done it well.

    Interviewer:Ok thank you..

    Me:Thank you sir ,Thanks for had me here.

    .......Finally Iam placed with Capgemini India pvt limited.


K SHARADA - RGUKT BASAR - Posted on - 2016-01-28 06:53:28

  • Interview Experience:


    I Am K.Sharada, from department of CSE.

    I am sharing my campus drive experience of CapGemini organised by our university on 21th  November 2015. There were approximately  250 students who were sitting in this  placement drive. Students who are clear the written test in all three  RGUKT Campuses. For 3 campuses they conducted combined selection process in Basar.

    CapGemini Recruitment Process has three rounds.

    1. Written Test

    Cocubes assessment Capgemini placement test.

    75 questions.


    English + Reasoning including DI and Data sufficiency + Quant.

    NO negative marking.

    1) English is easy, be familiar with synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks of appropriate words, reading comprehension, prepositions, article, sentence correction, basic grammar, etc.

    2) Analytical reasoning, DS and DI, series completion, coding and decoding, blood relations, series, syllogisms, data sufficiency, etc.

    Data interpretation 2 flowchart questions .

    3) Quant:

    It includes main topics of Quant.RSAgrawal is enough for these concepts.Make sure that you are good at concepts.

    2nd Round:
    Group Discussion:

    It is the Main Screening in Capgemini. If you give better performance in GD, There will be chance hired for Capgemini.

    In my group there are 13, members.Out of 13 members6 were selected.Topics are general topics mainly current runnig topics.In this round those are not seeing what to speak probably may be  30% considering matter .70 % they observed about how you spoken,eye contact ,listening skills ,make a note of others views if that is new and communications skills.All these matters a lot even though if you have not a good content.

    out of around 250 candidates ,140 around shortlisted for interview.

    3.TR+HR :

    In this round They are asked from your RESUME. So don't keep unnecessary things that you don't know about in your resume. Just be yourself and give your best.

    My interview went like this,

    Me: May I come in sir?

    Interviewer: Yeah. Please come in and be seated. (He also said that don't get nervous and be cool. He created a friendly atmosphere in the interview room. So I communicated freely with the HR)

    Then came the ultimate question. INTRODUCE YOURSELF?

    Me: As I was already prepared for this. I answered it with cool .

    Interviewer: Well, He looked into my technical skills and asked like do you have all these skills ?

    Me: I answered yes sir.

    Interviewer: Well, Can you show your apperciation letter ?

    Me: Appreciation letter as I wrote in my resume ,because that letter was given by company manager where I done my intern. My intern company manager will impressed for the work i did to complete my project .That was the special letter given to me. I showed to Interviewer.

    Interviewer: Good, Can you explain your intern project ?

    Me:(he given a paper asked me to explain) My project was GPS based Andrrid app. Two apps one for driver and another for customer.That was an real time service based auto booking .I can say that very good app. As a company recruiter, Interviewer can understood the importance of my project .He impressed a lot . He appreciate me . I felt very happy bacause my work was recognized . That's a thing of beauty I never forget the complements from the  interviewer .

    I explained very clearly for 30 minutes.

    Interviewer: He said that he was  good to hear my project. do you have any questions?

    Me: I asked two question regarding the company.

    Interviewer explained  and finally he says all the best.

    Me: Thank u sir (with little smile ).

    And the results were announced at evening . total 21 from basar campus . Out of 21 members 9 from Cse and I am one of them.

    Key to become Capgeminian  is to clear online test and be yourself in the interview.

    That's it.

    Don't get disappointed if you are not selected in any interview because there might be another company that is waiting for you. pls focus on way you are going not on the result .If you give your  best result will automatically come. so always be with  positive mind .

    I was rejected by TCS,  Wipro. And at last I became CAPGEMINIAN.

    So Friends, prepare well and give your best.

    Thank You.


N GOPICHAND - RGUKT BASAR - Posted on - 2016-01-27 11:44:23

  • Interview Experience:

    Hi friends I am Gopichand,I got selected in Capgemini .I would like to share my interview  experience.

    Before interview I had GD for an hour.In Capgemini GD is toughest roud,we were thirteen members in group among thirteen six selected for interview.

    In GD I followed following  things.
        1.valid points with real life examples.
        2.eye  contact with every one while speaking and body language.
        3.listening others while they are speaking and maintened smily face.
    so friends try to concentrate  on these basic points.

    After GD I was called for Interview.
    I think in Capgemini facing interview  is easy roud.
    for me TR and HR rouds happened together.
     1.First I entered the  room by knocking door with permission.
    2. I greeted him with out sitting on chair.
    HR: Said take your seat.
    ME: sat and said thank you sir with smilling  face.
    HR: Asked me to tell about me.
    ME :started with name  and about my curriculam and said about my project details briefly.Here I talked to him in a way I talk to my friends. I mean with calm voice and not too fast.
    HR:Gopichand your looking very enthusiastic.
    ME yes sir, and thank you sir.
    HR:He asked me technical questions aroud 25.But those are very simple questions.They are from following concepts
        1.About project (very simple questions)
        2.OS,COA DBMS,Life Cycle Models
     friends for all technical question he was observing how I am explaining and my body language and eye contact.

    ME: I answered aroud 23 questions.

    HR: What is great in You.

    ME Being honest and making people happy.

    HR: what is your short term goal and long term goal.
    ME my short term goal is to get job in your company.And my long term goal is to creating  an image about me so that if any one from outside comes and asks about me then the person should say about me these things .Ohh sir you came for Gopichand sit on the chair and he should say about me he is very honest and ethical person.     So,Sir I want to build thise image in the organization .So,Friends try to understand my intension it all for creating good we generally do in HR.

    HR:After joining in company  What will you do if you get more package offer.
    ME: I think this question was job deciding question for me.I said sir as a fresher I don't want money I want respect from my colleagues and growth in the organization for my talent .And I am sure I will get these things from your company so I definitely won't leave your company .I said with smile .
    HR: Ok Gopichand do you have any questions to ask
    ME: sir, what are the qualities I need to improve to become successful person in your organization.
    HR: He told some points.
    HR: Ok Gopichand You may go now.
    ME ok. thank you sir.
    So friends throughout interview I  maintened good body language and eye contact.



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